Walking groups


Walking groups



These social walking groups are a great opportunity to get out and about and stay fit.  Organised and run by volunteers each group has a slightly different focus and membership base.

Walk 'n' talk with Miriam Rosewarne
This group of seniors walk at a leisurely pace for around 3-4km each week.  They meet at the carpark on the corner of Edinburgh and Watkins Streets in Diamond Creek with walks starting promptly at 10am.  Morning tea, coffee and a chat follows the walk.  New people are welcome to join the group at any time for the walks or even just a chat at the cafe.  Participant birthdays are celebrated in the group with a lunch or special outing. The average age of this group is over 60.

Panting Hills walking group with Christina Jerums
This is based in Panton Hill and still establishing. Participants will walk at approx 6kms / hour so a reasonable fitness level is required.  Meet at the Panton Hill Living & Learning Centre carpark and make your way along Panton Hill roads and tracks.  A great way for locals to start the day and keep fit.  Help us grow this group by inviting a friend or neighbor with you too?

MEDALS walking group with Jill Hibbert (with Kathy assisting)
Join this group of regular power walkers.  Those participating keep themselves fit while also having lots of fun.  There's always a coffee at the end of the walk too.

Each walk is between 6 and 8 kms long and takes around an 1 hour to complete. The group rotates through five different walks and always has a starting point where there is ample parking space. Join as a group member and attend as many walks as you wish.  All scheduled walk dates fit within regular school terms holiday walk dates are also confirmed prior to the end of each term.

Starting Points
The name MEDAL walking group is an acronym for the starting points for each of the 5 walks.
M = Monty Lower - Melways ref Map 20 K9
E = Eltham Library - Melways ref Map 21 J5
D = Diamond Creek - Melways ref Map 11 K6
A = Aquaduct Research - Melways ref Map 22 J1
L = Lower Eltham Park - Melways ref Map 21 H10
PLEASE NOTE: A specific walking schedule for each semester is provided on enrollment.

Walkie Talkies
This new group is forming due to the overwhelming interest in the MEDALS walking group which fills quite quickly.  This group meets on different days and will start at various locations.  They will walk approximately 6-8 kms in an hour so a good level of fitness is required.  We are currently hunting a volunteer leader to coordinate the group.

What to wear
  • Comfortable clothing that allows movement.
  • Good footwear for walking.

This activity is for people over 18 years of age.  The same flat fee is charged regardless of when people join our walking groups.  Please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.  Call 9433 3744 for more information.


Course Location Cost Date
MEDALS walking group Diamond Creek $40.00 Mon, Wed, Fri 14 Jan - 20 Dec 2019, 9:30-10:30am
Walk 'n' Talk social group Diamond Creek $10.00 Tuesday 5 February - 10 December 2019, 10am-11am
Panting Hills walking group Panton Hill $10.00 Tuesdays & Fridays 5 Feb-13 Dec 2019, 8am-9am
MEDALS walking group Diamond Creek $44.00 Mon,Wed,Fri 27 Jan-18 Dec 2020, 9:30am-10:30am
Panting Hills walking group Panton Hill $12.00 Tues & Friday 4 February-11 December 2020, 8am-9am
Walk 'n' Talk social group Diamond Creek $15.00 Tuesday 4 February-8 December 2020, 10am-11am