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Digital Essentials Level 1



Digital Essentials Level 1 is a 30 hour pre-accredited program that is designed to help learners understand the basics of various areas of technology, including different digital devices, their functionality and the ways people can use these devices to connect with others and access services over the Internet.

This program covers broad areas of different aspects of technology in an introductory sense.

Topics covered include:

Getting started
1. Using your smartphone
2. Using SMS
3. Connecting and working safely
4. Navigating the Internet
5. Using email
6. Using social media
7. Using apps and software
8. Everyday technology
9. Staying safe online
The program supports learners to gain digital skills through practical and applied learning activities. Each module provides opportunities for learners to participate in individual, small group or whole class activities, helping them to build confidence and develop their skills.

This program is designed to build a general aptitude to learning different aspects of technology and build the confidence to transfer what they know to different digital contexts.

These materials are aimed at learners at Level 1 of the Digital Literacy Skills Framework.

Key Details

Next course starting 28 April 2022
Dates: Thursdays 28 April - 23 June (9 sessions)
Times: 1pm-4pm


Fully funded - $50 enrolment fee
Concession card holders - $20 enrolment fee
Fee-paying  - $320 

What to expect

Upon successful completion, learners will have learnt Level 1 basics on how to:

List different digital devices
Describe the different things digital devices can do
Identify your learning needs
Recognise a QR code

List the key features of your smartphone
Describe how to use your smartphone safely
Identify phone symbols and icons
Show how you make and receive phone calls

Send and receive an SMS
Locate items on a smartphone keyboard
Recognise SMS symbols
Describe how to add a new contact

Label the different parts of a computer
Describe what a modem does
Recognise issues about screen time
Identify ways to set up a safe workstation

Identify what a search engine does
Recognise different domain names and their meaning
Recognise key components of a website and menus within websites
Locate different types of information using search engines.

Send and receive emails
Read and respond to an email
Delete emails
Locate deleted emails.

Find friends online
Recognise online notifications
Choose different privacy settings for posts
Locate different online business pages

Describe what software is
Find apps in an app store
Download apps on smartphones and computers

Choose the software application needed to complete an everyday task
Find a hotel to book
Use a map app
Create an online account

Identify a scam email or message
Recognise a scam phone call
Find ways to deal with online bullying
Recognise ways to remain safe online


Prior to commencing this program, learners will be asked to complete a digital skills survey, which is an appendix in the Teacher Workbook.  

Learning Pathways

The program is designed for learners to pathway into Digital Essentials Level 2 which we will be offering in Term 2. 

How to Enrol

To enrol please download the enrolment form and email to

If you are a concession card holder you will need to present your concession card at one of our centres prior to the start of the course in order to be eligible for the concession fee.  

Eligibility for government-subsidised fees and concession fees

Government-subsidised fee
If you are a permanent Resident and/or Australian Citizen/New Zealand Citizen and not enrolled in mainstream secondary school you are eligible for a government subsidised fee. 

Concession fee
This fee is available to:

  • Commonwealth Health Care Card holders, and their dependant children and dependant spouses
  • Pensioner Concession Card holders, and their dependant children and dependant spouses
  • Veteran's Gold Card holders (but not their dependants).
  • Please note: if under 17 years of age and disengaged from school, participants will need to obtain an official Transition from School Form for us to sight.

If you are eligible, please select the concession fee when enrolling and click "calculate discount".  You will also need to present your concession card at one of our centres prior to the start of the course in order to be eligible for a concession fee.  

For non-eligible individuals, the full fee will apply (see 'Fee Structure' below).

Withdrawals and refunds

Refer to our Fees, charges and refunds policy for information about withdrawals and refunds in our government-subsidised and Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses.  

About the Tutor

Karen has over 14 years experience working in the community sector as a project worker, accredited trainer, pre-accredited trainer and Professional Development facilitator for a variety of not for profit organisations.
Karen started her learning journey in a community house so she understands the need to make the learning engaging and relevant. She supports the learner to build their confidence to try new things and develop pathways to new learning or other job-ready opportunities. 
Karen teaches and designs both online and face to face learning covering a range of subjects including Basic Computer skills, Online safety, internet, social media, Introduction to Community services to suit the needs of the local community. 

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